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The Ohio Readers & Writers Expo | July 23, 2016, 9AM-5PM


Holiday Inn, Akron-West (Fairlawn)

4073 Medina Road (Route 18)

Akron, Ohio 44433

(*Located right off of I-77, next to Barnes & Noble.)

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Only $5

This grants you access to the exhibitor floor and to all activities throughout the day. Please keep in mind that all author panels and talks are on a first come, first serve basis. The room will not be cleared between activities.


A schedule of the day’s events can be found below. Here is a quick overview:

  • Book Sales & Signings
  • Author Talks & Panels
  • Presentations by:
  • Project Learn of Summit County
  • The Cuyahoga County Public Library, featuring their new writers’ center
  • Cleveland Writers Press
  • Raffles to benefit Project Learn of Summit County
  • A whole lot of fun!

Schedule of Events

Room A: The Reader’s Room

9:30-10:15—”Historical Fiction: Fact vs Fiction” with John Kachuba and R.C. Durkee

10:30-11:15—”In Other Worlds: Exploring Sci-fi and Fantasy” with Tara Tyler, JD Tippey, D.W. Vogel, & Dan Arman

11:30-12:15—Thriller Writing with Ray Wenck, Carrie Rubin, M.T. Bass, and Linda Swink

12:30-1:15—Exploring Children’s Literature with Jim Dilyard, Jim Flanagan, & Sandra J. Philipson

1:30-2:15—Romance Writing with Donna MacMeans, Elizabeth Seckman, Alicia Wiggins, & Stacy McKitrick

2:30–3:15—Christian Fiction with Debra Sue Brice and Donna Vaal

3:30-4:15— “Writing from Life: Overcoming Hardship with Writing” with Christian Inspiration authors Candice Ragland, Rosemary Barkes, & Susan Kay Box Brunner

4:30-5:00—“For the Love of Words” with Alexandra Hupertz

Room B: The Writer’s Room

9:05-9:25—Promoting Literacy with Project Learn of Summit County

9:30-10:15— “Risk-Taking in Writing and Publishing” with Joanne Huist Smith, Wade Leslie Meyer, Myrna Stone, & Rose Withering

10:30-11:15— “Overcoming Roadblocks to Writing Success” with Nancy Christie

11:30-12:15— “From Mind to Market: Five Steps to Bringing Your Book to Life” with Dustin Klein

12:30-1:15— “After the First Draft” with Wendy and Jeri

1:30-2:00—The Cuyahoga County Public Library Presents the William N. Skirball Writers’ Center

2:15-3:00— “Writing & Publishing: Risks & Rewards” with Sandi Latimer, Sandra Valencia, & Abby McCarthy

3:30-4:15—Crime and Mystery Writing with Dolores Clay, J. E. Irvin, & C.L. Pauwels

4:30-5:00—“Finish that Book!” with the Cleveland Writers Press

Writing Talks and Panel Descriptions

Overcoming Roadblocks to Writing Success with Nancy Christie (10:30-11:15, Writers Room)

In a rut with your writing? Having trouble setting and meeting your writing goals? Author and workshop leader Nancy Christie will share strategies and techniques from her “Rut-Busting” Workshop for Writers” to help you get your writing life on track!


From Mind to Market—Five Steps to Bringing Your Book to Life with Dustin Klein (11:30-12:15, Writers Room)

There’s little doubt that there’s a book in everyone. But do you really know how to take the seed of an idea—or even a partially completed or fully finished manuscript—and transform it into a published book? Dustin S. Klein, publisher of Smart Business Books, COO of Smart Business magazine, and a best-selling author of numerous books, will walk you through the process and answer questions to help provide the boost needed to take the next step in your publishing career.


After the First Draft (12:30-1:15, Writers Room)

Congratulations! You’ve joined the company those rare few who actually finished a book! We bet you’re excited and a bit unsure of what you do next? Do you start giving it to people to read? Who and where are those people? Do you start promoting it when it’s not even been revised? Join Wendy and Jeri as we walk you through the next steps of the process- from branding and marketing to beta readers to revision and editing.


More writing talks & panel details coming soon!

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