Wade Leslie Meyer

It’s a fairly simple question… What shall I bring? You can find the answer at the local grocery in the form of two pounds of potato salad from the deli case, or… you can “Wow!” your friends at the party with a creative dish that is tasty AND easy to prepare. Leave the triple axles, Salchow jumps, and double toe loops for the ice skating arena. You can stick the landing. Wade Leslie Meyer has put together 25 tantalizing recipes with the level of difficulty identified through a unique system he calls the Murphy’s Law of Recipes. Whether you are a bachelor, kitchen newbie, or simply an expert with an overstuffed schedule, unique dishes such as Shrimpshrooms and Cookie Dough Ball will personalize your appearance at the event. How often can you find reading entertainment and killer dishes in a compact volume? The fun starts when you begin the recipe. You can talk like Salty the Pirate, learn from Cathy’s Tip du Jour, and meet Dr. Mathstein, all in one spot… at What Shall I Bring?


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