Sharon R. Hunter, Author

Independently published author Sharon R. Hunter, entered her first writing at the Y-City Writers of Zanesville, Ohio.  It was not a writing of romance but an inspirational writing thanks to her special needs daughter, Lauren, which won her a second place ribbon.

A romance reader at heart, Sharon took up writing in her late forties, finally fulfilling her lifelong dream.  Encouraged by her husband Jeff, and a handful of special girlfriends, she’s developed into an inspiring romance writer.  Most of her writings revolve around her dreams and she enjoys twisting and turning them into tangled webs to create passionate love affairs.

Residing in Streetsboro, Ohio, Sharon is at home with her husband Jeff, daughter’s Meghan and Lauren, son Beau, and their furry feline children.  Writing for Sharon is no longer a hobby; it is a budding career.

Current romance novels by Sharon are, the Ranch Series: “The Rancher’s Wife & Love on the Ranch”   “Happy Hooker’s Bait & Tackle Shop, A Romantic Comedy”

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