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Kenneth P. Cash, the founder and owner of Seekers Publishing, Inc., presently has 4 books in print: Essay Writing; Grammar/Spelling; Words of Wisdom; and All That Glitter Is Not Gold — a true, inspirational story about a survivor of many tragic events.

Kenneth-P-Cash-lecturingMr. Cash holds a BA degree from Cleveland State University.  He has been and is an Instructional Specialist at a Cleveland, Ohio, community college since 1978 and has simultaneously been an Instructor of English there for 12 years.  One summer he taught photography at the College.  Some of Mr. Cash’s other endeavors at the College include creating and delivering workshops on self-publishing and test-taking and co-hosted a weekly televised show about grammar for 2 years, and produced and hosted some episodes of a televised talk show where he interviewed guests of the show.

Off-and-on for many years, Mr. Cash has been writing a book about The Wizard of Oz film, starring Judy Garland.  The person who played the Munchkin Coroner (now deceased) in that film wrote the foreword of the book.  Mr. Cash has also known several of the other people in that film.  For years he portrayed the Wizard in the world’s largest Oz festival.

He considers 1 of the highlights of his life having known a person who appeared in 2 episodes of The Little Rascals.

Since around 1966, Mr. Cash has been doing much studying of Abraham Lincoln and has delivered talks about Lincoln to various groups.

Mr. Cash resides in Independence, Ohio, where he is the 5th generation of his family to live in his house.

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