Sandra Valencia

Sandra Valencia has lived her entire life in the state of Ohio.  Growing up in a simple home with two brothers and two sisters, she always loved books. When classmates groaned over writing assignments, she relished new chances to put pencil to paper.  Also captivated by studies of foreign languages, she has studied several languages and enjoys added zest in her life from traveling abroad to meet new people and personally experience the wealth of different ideas and cultures.

From early childhood, she encountered a dramatic range of experiences commonly grouped into a category called paranormal activity.  Dreams, visions, precognition and telekinesis are among only a few of the things that have sometimes frightened her, sometimes inspired her, and always fascinated her.  Those experiences have been a treasure chest of ideas and concepts that are often included in her writing.

Ms. Valencia consolidated two decades of dreams into the series Legends from Turand.  She has been both surprised and gratified to be contacted by readers from around the world, including Colombia, England, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, and Portugal. Descriptions from readers of Song of Turand and Return to Turand include comments such as:

“Use of vivid imagery makes the novel a joy to read.”

“One reading is not enough!”

“Truly inspirational…”

“So vividly described, one feels a part [of the story].”

Married for more than three decades, she is the mother of two dynamic sons who challenge her intellectually and spiritually. Besides writing and travel, she greatly enjoys classical and Latin music. Favorite hobbies include: entertaining friends and family, camping, gardening, and exploring the many aspects of esoteric phenomena.

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