Laura Freeman

Laura Freeman has been a reporter for the past twelve years for the Record Publishing Co. in Kent, Ohio, and covers the historic town of Hudson, Ohio.  She has won the Press Club of Cleveland’s Ohio Excellence in Journalism award twice and the Ohio Newspaper Association award several times.  Her historic romance novels include “Impending Love and War” which takes place in the fictional town of Darrow Falls and involves runaway slaves, a journey on a canal boat, and lessons on how to court a girl.  Her second novel, “Impending Love and Death,” can be read independently but is part of the Impending Love series. Set in 1861, the heroine must find out what has happened to her husband after the Battle of Bull Run. Her third novel, “Impending Love and Lies” is due out in a few months and is set in 1862 and follows the characters from Akron, Ohio, to the Battle of Antietam.

She lives in Ohio where she is working on her next book, “Impending Love and Capture.”

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