John B. Kachuba

Award-winning writer John Kachuba is the author of the following titles:

The Savage Apostle (historical fiction), Sunbury Press, 2015.

Ghosthunting Ohio: On the Road Again, (nonfiction). Clerisy Press, 2011.

Ghosthunting USA, (editor) Clerisy Press, 2010.

The Gathering of Stones: Short Stories (fiction). VDM Publishing, 2009.

Ghosthunters: On the Trail of Mediums, Dowsers, Spirit Seekers and Other Investigators of America’s Paranormal World, (nonfiction) New Page Books, 2007.

Ghosthunting Illinois, (nonfiction) Emmis Publishing, 2005, reprinted by Clerisy Press, 2008.

Ghosthunting Ohio, (nonfiction) Emmis Publishing, 2004, reprinted by Clerisy Press, 2008.

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