Everyone says the ghosts can’t get into the city, but Anastasia knows better. She sees them in the alleyways, the gardens, and once, inside her very own bedroom. They follow her along the edges of the Avertronic barrier that protects the city, their mouths moving like they are trying to speak, but never finding the words. She can’t understand how it is that her father and brother can travel outside the barrier’s protection each and every day, knowing they may never return.

She tries to console herself that at least her boyfriend is safe, but she hasn’t heard from him in the two long years since his mother got sick and his family was traded to another city. And her concerns about him and her ever-declining Name Value are becoming more than she can bear. Pushed around at school, misunderstood at home, and tracked into a sales career despite her struggles with what her doctor calls “chronic introversion,” Anastasia’s collapsing under the pressure.

But her brother says he has answers. And while she’s never felt compelled to trust him before, this time she finds it impossible to refuse. But to do so she’ll have to venture outside the safety of the city of Erie Energy and into haunted wasteland known as the ghostlands.

Young Adult • Dystopian • Sci-Fi • Thriller

CN James and Amy Joy are a husband-wife writing team specializing in dystopian science fiction. The two have taught writing at the college level for over a decade and have penned many titles during that time. In their off time, they enjoy exploring local comic shops and conventions and hiking and biking the great outdoors.

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