Exhibitor FAQs

Is the event only for Ohio authors?

We are located in Ohio, but not limited to Ohio. We welcome readers and writers from all corners of the world.

I am a self-published author. Can I sell my own books at my table?


I am a traditionally published author. Will someone supply books for the event?

Yes. We have partnered with Barnes and Noble, and as long as you notify us ahead of time that this is something you need, we can be sure to have a supply of your books ready to go the day of the event.

How do I register two authors/creators for a split table?

The best way to register a split table is to have both people fill out and submit the registration form, but only one person complete the payment step. As long as both hit the Submit button at the bottom of the registration form, we will receive and post both bios once the split table fee has been paid.

When will I know if I am scheduled to lead a workshop or be a part of an author panel?

If when you filled out your registration form, you volunteered to be a part of these, know that we are doing all that we can to include everyone and will contact you as soon as we can regarding the schedule.

What can I expect of my table?

Exhibitor tables are 6 feet long, draped in a white tablecloth, and skirted in black. Each table comes with two chairs.

What can I have at my table? Are there display guidelines?

The display you create at your table can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. The only rules are that displays may not exceed ten feet tall, and they may not exceed the edge of your table (6 feet). Also, be careful not to make your display too deep (behind your table) as your space may back up to that of another author.

Beyond that, get creative. Make your space inviting. We’ll have authors from a wide variety of genres and readers just as diverse. Instead of imagining how to draw every reader to your table, consider how to draw your ideal reader. We’ve found that just like writing, the more focused your marketing, the better the results!

If you have questions, send us an email. We’re happy to help.

How can I support the partnership with Project Learn?

We’re so glad you asked! Writers who would like to help support Project Learn of Summit County, can do so by donating a book to our raffle that will be held the day of the event. If you are exhibiting at the Ohio Readers & Writers Expo and want to do more, you might also consider donating a portion of your sales that day to Project Learn of Summit County.

I can't attend this event. Could you keep me in mind for next time?

Certainly! We’ll be happy to add you to our mailing list so you can be notified of future events. You can find the form here: Join our Mailing List.