An Accidental Book by Paul Huckelberry

On Friday February 29, 2008, a high level executive walks into his CEO’s office and resigns. A health scare has caused him to question the value of 70 hour work weeks, constant travel and being an absentee father to his two children, so he and his wife decide to switch roles. Suddenly confronted with the loss of power and status derived from over 30 years in the corporate world, he begins to write about coming to terms with what it means to be a real dad to his kids – and in the process explores what’s really important in life. What began a a journaling exercise became a gift to his daughter upon her high school graduation; a collection of essays based on the discoveries contained within his journals. Entertaining and often opinionated, Paul Huckelberry covers subjects ranging from advice to religion, writing to politics and meditation to growing older along life’s unpredictable path.

About the Author

Paul Huckelberry was born and raised in Chicago, graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in engineering, and became a successful senior executive in the restaurant industry. Now retired, Paul lives in the Cleveland, OH area with his wife and two children.

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