A Girl on a Bike by Susan Emmerich

Approaching her daughter’s high school graduation, Susan Emmerich told friends she was eager to begin a new chapter in her life. She envisioned more time, more freedom and more gas in her car. After 18 years of parenting, Ms. Emmerich was excited at the prospect of being able to put her own needs first. She lied. Recently divorced, coping with her father’s illness and dealing with ever-fluctuating mid-life hormones, the author did two things: bought a bike and picked up a pen. Through riding and writing, she found her voice and retained her spirit. Sometimes serious, other times humorous, Ms. Emmerich invites the reader to ride along on a journey that includes adjusting to an empty nest, aging parents, divorce and again seeking love. This collection of essays encourages everyone to recognize their inner voice and follow where it leads.

About the Author

Susan Emmerich currently resides in Cleveland OH and works as a high school guidance counselor. Formerly a clinical social worker, she found herself drawn to writing late in life, motivated by the creative outlet for the emotions created by ever-shifting hormones and life transitions. She lives with her daughter and is an avid long distance bike rider.

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